HEAT PLUS stripe type film

HEAT PLUS stripe type film
An off-white insulative PET film, it pursues hard and stable carbon print surface compared with other transparent PET film.

· Special design of silver electrode prevents sparking at electrode.

HEAT PLUS stripe type film features

HEAT PLUS completed with the best technology
HEAT PLUS all coated film is made with precise application technology of less than 10 microns in process, characterized by the heat dissipation from carbon by applying carbon to the PET film. It is a high-tech heating film that can be used semi-permanently unless heat-treated at 70 ° C for 72 hours and cut with scissors.
Semi-permanent Heating Film HEAT PLUS
The HEAT PLUS all coated film is a special fabric laminated with exterior PET (double layer) and middle stiff material. It is specially waterproofed to prevent contact with air and moisture, so it can be used semi-permanently for future oriented wall, ceiling, floor, and heater.
HEAT PLUS,exporting to the world
HEAT PLUS is being actively exported to all over the world with its excellent quality and outstanding performance.
Above all, it achieved recognition in Japan, which is particular about quality, and succeeded in export for the first time in the domestic all coated film industry. It is currently the only product that is being exported so far.
It is produced in high-tech process with almost no temperature deviation by using high-tech precision printing technology that can uniformly print nano size high purity carbon particles. In the production of heating films, silver electrodes are formed on the copper foil and carbon heating element to produce the best laminating method without sparks.

It is the best film in Korea that enhances stability with the use of insulative and flame retardant films to the world-class quality.

※ Exporting Countries : Japan, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Hong Kong, Mongolia and many others.

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