Elegant WIST NG

Elegant WIST NG

Elegant WIST NG (New Generation) heating panels are characterized by fine frameless design and control electronics in the form of a Wireless Intelligent Saving Thermostat (WIST NG).

WIST Elegant NG frameless panels boast remarkable design – the front glass surface can be supplied in standard white or black, in any RAL color, or with printed photographs or other graphics provided by the customer. The heating panels may also be fitted with a specially tempered mirror.

Electronics in both WIST NG and WIST Elegant NG panels monitor their surface temperature. This technology ensures that the surface temperature of the panel will not exceed 120°C and allows for installation of the panel on a wall or floor stand.

WIST NG and WIST Elegant NG panels are fitted with brackets to enable easy installation on floor stands. This option provides for wide ranges of heater placement. For example, a mirror heating panel placed on a movable stand is ideal for use at hairdressers, clothing shops, offices, etc.

Both panel types can be controlled with a WIST NG (RFTC-50/FH) wireless thermostat, which is included in each package. The panel can also be turned on or off with the easily accessible switch.

WIST NG and WIST Elegant NG series with have a removable power cable with a PC IEC connector. This provides the possibility to disconnect and remove the panel from its installation position, even if the supply cable is connected directly to the electrical box.

Elegance, versatility and sophisticated wireless control are the benefits of WIST Elegant NG series heating panels.

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