Framed heating panels of the WIST NG (New Generation) series are equipped with a wireless receiver and Wireless Intelligent Saving Thermostat (WIST). They are designed for wall installation.

Each packaged Frame WIST NG panel includes with it a wireless RFTC-50/FH thermostat to provide flexibility of control. Each room can have its own thermostat for installation anywhere needed. The WIST thermostat is powered by two common AAA batteries.

Installation of a wireless thermostat in each room provides the capability to set specific temperature settings in each space as needed. The entire home or every office does not need to be heated to a uniform temperature – this contributes to cost savings.

A single thermostat can control up to 4 heat panels. The maximum distance between the panel and thermostat is 30m – this is sufficient for temperature control in larger facilities. The thermostat is programmable to allow the user to set various heating schedules during the day, night, on weekdays and weekends.

Standard versions of Frame WIST NG panels have white glass supported by aluminium framing. Frame WIST NG series heaters can be delivered as mirrors, black, RAL color, or custom image. With their fully customizable design options, WIST panels can satisfy the most demanding requirements of both end-users and architects.

All models of the Frame WIST NG series are equipped with control electronics, wireless thermostat, on/off switch, power cable socket and power cord with a PC IEC connector for easy disconnection of the supply cable.

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