• A copper bussbar is of a strip shape having a length longer than the width. A silver bar is interposed between the copper bar and the carbon heating unit.
Heating function
  • Select products and power consumption suitable for use and construction environment
  • Small temperature deviation
    – Even carbon printed surface
Insulation Condition
  • Use of film excellent in insulating characteristics – Excellent in withstand voltage and insulation resistance
  • The insulating and protective parts formed of PET and nonwoven, laminated to cover the part of metal bussbar and the entire upper surface of carbon heating
  • Protective film made of insulating resin material
  • The protective film and the edge part of the constituent of the heat generating part bonded to each other
  • Carbon, silver print (no scratches)
  • Copper foil: Select thickness and width of copper foil considering allowable current
  • Silver: Electrical resistance should be within 1Ω
  • Acquisition of safety certification of electrical appliances should be within 1Ω of resistance
  • Design and construction considering humidity resistance (prevention of moisture penetration)
  • Excellent adhesion strength at desquamating
  • Product thickness and quality management

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