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Product Specifications

Item No.:Royal- Modern -IV (4 persons)


Power & Voltage:2150W,220V, European plug

Certificates:CE, ROHS, ETL,EMF


2-year limited warranty on electrical, heater, cabinetry and stereo.

Main Components

1 set of wooden cabin

pre-wired carbon fiber infrared heaters

1 Warning panel

Interior digital control panel

Pre-wired interior colortherapy lights

cd stereo AM/FM (optional)

1 Removable vent

1 Operation Manual
◆ Royal Saunas Modern series are constructed with hemlock spruce, a special kind of hard wood originally from Canada.
◆ All wood panels of the products are 7mm thick, which will not change shape by humidity or hot temperature. And each wood is processed in the dry kiln for at least 20 days. Tongue & Groove Construction.
◆ Totally veneer, ploywood free.
◆ Pre-fabricated wall panels, painted with varnish outside, a kind of non-toxic clear paint.
◆ Quick & easy Installation with brass buckles that fasten every board easily together. Generally takes 15-30 minutes.
◆ Removable vent gives fresh air when enjoying sauna.
◆ Deluxe door with full length tempered glass window.
◆ Carbon heat panels start as a piece of flexible fiberglass, which is made of epoxy resins and glass. A very thin layer of carbon is printed onto the fiberglass, and another fiberglass layer is added to encase the layer of carbon into the middle. Then the entire fiberglass panel is pressure laminated. Benefits of carbon style heaters include that many people believe that have a very sleek look, especially when they line the walls of the sauna. They also have a large surface area, which can help to reduce the surface temperature somewhat, though not as extensively as reducing the overall wattage to the heater.
◆ Interior digital control panel to adjust the time and temperature.
◆ Heat-proof CD Stereo AM/FM & 2 pre-wired hi-fi stereo speakers
◆ Pre-wired heaters and light for simple "plug-in" to control system
◆ Plug into household outlet, needn’t any plumbing or additional wiring.
◆ UL listed power cable for safety and reliability.
◆ 3% Free spare parts for container orders.



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